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Bakuun Engine Chain enables a group of accommodations, whether small or big, to create a complete and super powerful search engine which allows guests to navigate, select and filter accommodation for different types of bookings such as Rooms, Dayuse Rooms, Meeting Rooms and Travel Packages.
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Cost Saving

Avoid burning time and money to develop an internal solution which comes with a high maintenance cost.

Boost your sales

Improve the user experience in your website while increasing conversion by showing all your accommodations in a single page.

Easy to setup

Create a fully customizable search engine adaptable to every website. No programming skills required for set up.


Provides a wide range of fully customizable widgets which can be adapted to the branding of the accommodation group.


We offer a flexible and scalable subscription model based on the number of connected accommodations.

Filter Parameter

We enable guests to navigate and easily select multiple filter options to find the best option according to the needs

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