Flight delayed or cancelled?

If your airline has to provide an hotel room to all those passengers who have lost their connection due to delays and cancellations, why pay the room for 24 hours when it will used only for a few hours?
Save money on hotel bookings with our rates on hourly basis.

Offer more services to your passangers

Increase the types of bookings and conversion of your website by offering to your passengers, rooms by hours, meeting rooms and packages hotel + activities.
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Why start using Bakuun Airline solution

Hourly rates

We create dynamic rates on hourly basis for hotel rooms based on the needs of each individual passenger.

Save money

Pay the rooms only for the time that needed and cut the cost of hotel bookings for flights delayed and cancelled.

Customers satisfaction

Avoid long waits to provide vouchers to passengers, our system allows you to book up to 100 hotel rooms in less than 1 minute.

How does it works Bakuun?


Once your profile it's completed we'll contact you to analyze the routes and your existing contracts with the hotels to provide the right rates and availability for each location.


Decide how perform the bookings between our web based solution accessible everywhere or through blockchain-based API connection with your flight tickets.

Send bookings

Optimize the search result for price or location according with your needed and send up to 100 rooms bookings with one click in less than a minute.

How much you can save?
Set your annual cost for hotel bookings when your passengers lose their flight connections due delays or cancellations

Why start using Bakuun Co-Brand solution

Boost your sales

Generate more bookings through your website and increase your customers satisfaction offering more services.

Easy to setup

Easy and fully customizable adaptable to every website design. Setup in 5 minutes with no programming skills required.

Ready to help

Our team is ready to help your customers 24/7 during the reservation process through chat, email or telephone.

How does it works?


Send your request of co-brand through the reserved area and get immediate activation of your account.


Decide which type of reservation you want to integrate in your website between all the available options.

Get bookings

Connect the co-brand to your website get more direct bookings by increasing the offers and earn commissions

Highlights of our Co-Brand solution